Learn Everything About Our Auto Body Shop in Houston, Tx

In this video, we wanted to show you our newly built auto body shop in Houston Tx that is over 24,000 Sq! We invested in this large warehouse to provide customers every auto repair service needed not only for body and paint work, but for any mechanical work as well.


Learn our process, most asked questions, and how we sustained a 5 star rated body shop.


            Are you looking for an honest and fair priced auto body shop in Houston Tx?

 In this article, we’re going to explain the process we use to evaluate a vehicle before, during, and after the repaired has been completed. Also, we will answer our most asked questions and quickly explain how we have maintained a top 5 star rated body shop for over a decade….

Our Body Shop Repair Process from Start to Finish:

 We have mastered the perfect system for our customers from the time they walk in the door to the day they pick up their vehicle. This system shortens the repair time, reduces labor costs, and creates overall efficiency for our client’s vehicle repair and keeps each vehicle organized.

Let’s Get Started!

 Step 1: Provide a Free Estimate

 Our Collision repair process begins with an inspection of the vehicle by an estimator at Uptown Automotive where all the body and mechanical work will be done. The results of the inspection are documented, photos of the vehicle are taken, and the information is passed on to the insurance company and/or provided to the customer. However, our estimates are solely based on visible damage. Often, additional damage is uncovered after disassembly that cannot be noticed from stickily a visible standpoint.


Step 2: Remove Parts and Order Parts

 This is when the insurance provider can make a request for teardown or disassembly of the vehicle to insure all damage is documented accurately and determine if the vehicle is economic to repair. Only after the customer and insurer provide authorization to repair the vehicle, all parts will be ordered as required for the overall repair.

However, only the vehicle owner can give the final authorization for all auto repairs. If no removal of parts is needed and the vehicle is drivable repairs can be scheduled and once all the necessary parts for repair are received, work can begin on repairing the vehicle.


Step 3: Body Repair

 By now all the parts have been received and the vehicle has been disassembled so the body shop can begin repairs to the vehicles. The vehicle is analyzed by an electronic measuring system to restore it back to exact factory specifications. This process will ensure the cars frame is straight and structurally sound. If needed, Suspension repairs and wheel alignment will be done next. It’s important to complete all mechanical repairs in conjunction with structural repairs if possible. Once the car is structurally and mechanically correct, the body work can now be completed. After, the vehicle will be prepared and moved to the paint department.


Step 4: Final Touches and Finishes

 The vehicle is thoroughly prepped to make sure paintable surfaces provide proper adhesion and a smooth finish. Parts are sanded then primer is applied, now the color or base coat is applied, followed by a clear coat to protect the finish. After curing, the painted surfaces will be polished for a glossy finish.


Step 5: Resemble All Parts Back on Vehicle

 At this stage, the vehicles repairs and paint work have been completed and the vehicle is ready to be assembled back together. All electrical components or other components that were disconnected and or disassembled during the repair process are now restored to their original factory location. At Uptown Automotive, a final test drive will be done at this point to insure windows doors, locks and electrical parts function correctly as before.


Step 6: Full Detail and Final Pre-Delivery Inspection

 Once everything has been reinstalled in the correct place the car now gets a wash and thorough interior cleaning. The body paint is polished, surfaces cleaned and buffed. In addition to a visual inspection, it’s important to us that we also test drive to note any driving characteristics that may be associated with the repaired portions of the car. Once the car passes all tests, it’s ready to be returned to the customer.


Step 7: Delivery!

 At this point, a representative at Uptown Automotive will explain to the customer all the repair work that was done to their vehicle and go over the list of final expenses with the customer. We will include a written itemized list of all repairs made and parts used to complete the work. Then we advise the customer to do a post-repair inspection along with the shop representative before accepting the keys.


 Our Most Asked Questions and Concerns Our Customers Ask.


After 10 year’s experience in the auto repair industry, we have collected the most frequent asked questions or concerns and answered them.

We understand every vehicle repair is different, so if you have any additional questions please let us know and we will love to help!


What Kind of Warranty Comes with Your Auto Body Work?

 At Uptown Automotive, we offer a lifetime warranty on paint and body. For Mechanical repairs, we provide customers with a 2 year and/or 24,000 mile parts and labor warranty.


Do You Offer Any Rental Cars or Provide Loaner Vehicles?

 We understand being without a car can be an inconvenience for day to day traveling. That is why at Uptown Automotive we provide our customers complementary loaner vehicles, (If the vehicles are present on the lot) and we partner directly with enterprise to give discounted rates for loaner vehicles as well.


How Long Does Your Average Body Repair Take to Complete?

 Due to our efficient structure and system, our team on average completes a vehicles repair from start to finish within 5-6 business day. Our well-trained staff keeps all vehicles well organized to ensure once a step is completed in our repair process, the vehicle continues to move on the next step.


Is my Vehicle Covered While it's in Your Shop Being Repaired?

 Of course! We have a 1 million dollar general liability policy. For high end exotic vehicles, we can increase the policy at any time to ensure full vehicle converge incase an incident occurs.  


Will the Paint Match The Rest of my Car?

 Before we paint any body work on the vehicle, we have a mandatory pre- spray count of at least 3 examples before its sprayed on the actual vehicle to ensure the best paint match possible.

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How Soon can I Wash my Vehicle After an Auto Body Repair?

 After we have completed the body repair and paint work on the vehicle, we always advise our customers to wait a minimum 10 business days to wash their vehicle.


Does Uptown Automotive Have any Certifications?

Our mission is to be the most certified and qualified auto body shop in Houston, Tx. That is why every year we search for any new certifications or programs our staff can participate in to become better each year. At the moment, we are a Repair Pal certified Shop, and I-CAR and ASE Certified.

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Do You Put Everything in Writing for Your Customers?

 Yes! Everything is always in writing such as the free estimate and even an itemized bill after all work is completed (Parts, Labor, and total price for the work performed).


What Auto Insurance Does Uptown Automotive Take?

 We work with ALL auto insurances! We are one of the very few auto body shops in Houston that work with all auto insurances to ensure that every single one of our customers are taken care of and are not told we cannot be of service to you.

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There you go!

 You now know the exact process every vehicle will go through from start to finish and we hope we helped answer any major questions you had about our body shop.

If you are looking for an honest and fair body shop in Houston Tx, we hope we can earn your business not only because of our competitive prices; but because of our transparency with our customers.


We promise to make the entire repair process as smooth as possible keeping you updated about your vehicles repair status as frequently as you want by phone, text, and/ or email.


If you will like to work with us, please don’t hesitate to call us directly at (713)-668-3639 or fill out our contact form and a representative at Uptown Automotive will respond back within 24 hrs or less!