Learn The Stages of Auto Paint Correction In Houston, Tx


It’s hard to imagine when you look at your car now that it once had a smooth, glossy, and mirror-like exterior. Simply put, it lacks the shine it once had when it comes to overall aesthetics, your vehicle’s shine and gloss of the paint is one of the most important factors that can only be achieved from a proper machine polishing performed by an advanced paint correction specialist.

You may confuse a paint correction with a wax, compound, polish, or buff, but they are different when it comes to automotive finishes as each of these processes requires different tools.

You’ve probably heard the word auto paint correction been strewn around, generally, it is a two level of correction process, Single-Stage and Multi-Stage of removing fine scratches, swirl marks, defects of car’s exteriors including buffer trails, etched-in bird droppings and acid rain damage, hologramming, etc.

Restoring and rejuvenating the paintwork of a vehicle that’s that dull, oxidized, or hazy-looking can be achieved through the elimination of surface imperfections using a small amount of 9H ceramic coating protection or clear coat paint, instead of being covered up with filler-based products.

Auto paint correction services that are offered at the Uptown Automotive are designed to permanently remove paint defects for a vehicle’s interior and breath life back into beat-up-looking ride giving you that extra pep before each drive.

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Depending on the severity of the damage, your vehicle may require to undergo either one or both stages to live your car shiny as it should and, importantly, easy to maintain.

Proper Auto paint correction jobs should be done in two stages:

First is Compounding then polishing, the third which is protection, is up to the vehicle owner’s discretion, but it’s equally important.

There are cars, however, that only need stage one of an auto paint correction particularly those that are in pristine condition and the only thing a technician can do after cleaning the exterior is use a buffing compound then polish the vehicle.

It is important to note that while the compounding stage removes most of the scratches and swirl marks, it will leave a slightly hazy or cloudy look depending on how aggressive the cut is as a result of a paint leveling compound that is designed to remove oxidation including 1000 grit or finer scratches and other blemishes. There are also heavier cut compounds that can also remove 800 grit scratches and other significant imperfections, however, while there will be a cloudy look left behind it won’t be as visible on metallic or light-colored painted cars.

Applying the proper polish and glaze the polishing or the refinement stage designed to polish out the remaining haze and buffing swirls left from the compounding step in order to ensure that the paint has a high gloss and perfect mirror-like sheen. Once the compounding agents and polish have done the heavy lifting and there’s a level of depth and clarity on the surface, it’s on to the third stage, which is the paint protection to apply the finest and long-lasting polymer paint sealant.

Also known as the “Last Step Product” or LSP, this is arguably the most impressive stage that takes about 4-6 hours, but the car has to be first wiped down with isopropyl alcohol to remove any oils that may have been left over from the polish.

It is certainly worth the wait because, labor-intensive as an auto paint correction job is, for about $400-$700, the results are a work of art!

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