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There can be countless issues that can go wrong mechanically with any vehicle over time. That is why we have gathered a list of our top mechanical issues we face daily and explain the process we use to evaluate your vehicle to find the solution your vehicle needs.

tHE Most Common Mechanical Issues Vehicles Face Starting With…

Electrical Malfunctions:

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With vehicles depending more on their computer systems, in recent years electrical issues have become a more common issue vehicles face frequently. Some signs of electrical problems are car battery dies frequently, headlights are dim when turned on, car has trouble starting, and if your vehicle begins to start lurching or rough idling. As of now, damaged alternator, damaged fuses/ loose wires, loose spark plus, and ignition issues are the top electrical issues at the moment for most vehicles.

Air Conditioning Not Cool Enough:

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When turing on your A/C, if you ever experienced lack of cool consistent airflow, strange noises, and warm air blown out these are common signs your A/C needs to be inspected before further issues occur.

Steering and Suspension Repair:

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If your vehicle is pulling to one side while driving, you feel every bump on the road, difficult steering, or even one corner on your vehicle is sitting low, these are common signs of steering and/ or suspension repair that may be inspected.

Engine Repair:

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There are a wide range of engine issues that can go wrong, however, common engine problems are the engine not starting due to the battery, overheating caused by low coolant level, engine steam/ smoke, and even vehicles stalling while driving.

And even

Transmission Repair and/ or Replacement:

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The main symptoms that are signs of future transmission repair or replacement are grinding and shaking sensation in the gears, gears begin slipping, and the vehicle wont engage or respond when in gear.


If you are having the mechanical problems listed above or other types of mechanical issues such as

-check light on

-Brakes squeaking,

-Noises coming from your engine bay

We use state of the art machinery to fully evaluate your vehicle and find the exact problem and solution your vehicle needs.

For a general overview when inspecting a vehicle, when a customer brings their vehicle to our auto repair shop in Houston Tx we go through 3 simple steps.

Step 1: We first inspect the outside of the vehicle (Body, paint, tires, lights, frame) and view the engine to check for any immediate discrepancies that are visible.

Step 2: Then, we will connect our scanner tools to your vehicles computer system and scan the vehicles electrical components, and if there are any issues our scanner will have specific codes that represent specific malfunctions that vehicle is currently having.

Step 3: We will then put your vehicle on our lift system to see if there are any leaks or damages beneath the vehicle.


Every mechanical situation is different and our method to find the exact problem may differ depending on the specific issue the vehicle is experiencing.

For instance, for some mechanical issues we do a short test drive to feel or hear any key noises and specific indicators.

Our goal for every mechanical repair is to find the exact problem, strategize the most efficient and cost effective method to repair the issue, and provide each of our customers a fully repaired vehicle that is dependable and safe to drive.

At Uptown Automotive, all of our mechanical work comes with a 2 year / 24 thousand mile part and labor warranty.

 If you have any additional questions or concerns about problems your vehicle is currently experiencing or want routine maintenance items (Such as a Oil change, replace brakes pads, change filter , etc..)  done on your vehicle contact us directly today and we will love to help!

We offer every customer a FREE Quote for their specific repair and do our absolute best to answer every question you may have.

Our direct contact to our front office is (713)-668-3639


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